Leo Club starts the school year

Kate Kealey, Editor in Cheif

On Wednesday Sept. 6 Leo Club held the first meeting of the school year in room 111. The club is led by Spanish teacher Stephanie Hansen and meets every Wednesday after school.

Leo stands for leadership, experience and community and the club is the youth organization of the Lions Club. Both are volunteer groups created to assist the community and develop leadership qualities in the process.

The group discussed making t-shirts for the members of the club. To receive a t-shirt for free, a member has to attend at least one volunteer activity. The shirts are sometimes worn during the different events Leo Club attends.

“We are really going to focus on getting our t-shirts in right now,” Hansen said. The t-shirts are donated by Lions Club.

On Sept. 30 Leo Club will help set up for Homecoming. On Oct. 14 there will be a trivia night at the Izaak Walton Center to raise money for Lions Club. At the trivia night Leo Club members will help collect and score each round.

The Lions Club will  use profits to buy glasses for people who cannot afford them. There are boxes in the offices to collect any spare glasses.

Senior Taylor Bugenhagen is excited for the start of Leo Club and the upcoming events “I see big things for Leo Club and I am excited to volunteer and gift back to the community,” she said.

Hansen will have members sign up for the Remind chat for dates and information about the club at the next meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 13.