Speech Class Job Fair


Kate Kealey

Schlichting with his students during the job fair.

Kate Kealey, News Editor

Speech teacher Chris Schlichting had the first job fair of the year Wednesday, Sept. 20. All of Schlitchting’s students choose a profession to research that they may consider as a future job.

After the research is done the students get ready for the day of the job fair where they present their jobs to other students and teachers. Kavon Hampton plans on becoming a motivational speaker.

“I stayed up till 5 am researching it and they make up to 30K per speech. It seems like a good trade off,” he said.

Hampton loves speech because of the teacher.

Other jobs that were there were animation artist, trader, and welder. Olivia Humhrey dreams of being a nurse practitioner.

“I love helping people and watching them get better over time and I have always wanted to go into the medical field,” she said.

The project helped Humhrey learn more about the job.

“I would suggest people taking advantage of this class. It helps people with talking in front of others” she said.

Another one of Schlichting’s students, Austin Manley, wants to become a dancer ever since he watched Step it Up in 2012.

“I was really bad at first, but this is what I want to do,” Manley said

Manley wants to go to World of Dance when he gets older.

“If you want to dance you have to find the spark,” Manley said.

Schlichting enjoys seeing his students work so hard on job fair.

“I am mainly looking for the facts. One student was studying welding and he made his sign out of metal or I had a girl who wanted to be a baker and at her booth she gave out cupcakes and she was wondering why so many people came to her booth,” he said.

Schlichting believes that the job fair helps students put things into perspective so that they can see what careers they want.

“It is always good to see a kid come out of there and it is nice to see them once they are out in the world with their jobs.”