Students survive first day jitters


Iris Hayslett

Students listen to Jared Perez explain a lesson in Algebraic Principles class during Block 4 on Aug. 26.

Caylla Townsley, Editor

The first day of high school; a day many people fear due to the fact that they don’t know what to expect. Will they get pushed down in the halls? Will they get lost on their way to class, or not be able to find their locker? Believe it or not, the first day of high school can be nerve-racking for all.

About 2,000 West High students started school on Aug. 24.

“Interesting,” is the way Kaitlyn Reinier explained her first day of freshman year. After getting lost multiple times and having locker troubles, Reinier was surprised when the students and staff were more helpful than she had expected. She also figured out a few things about West early. “I learned my lesson,” she explains, “never go down the main hall. It’s way too crowded.”

“They were nice, and not as rude as I expected,” said freshman Montana Mowery when asked about the students on his first day. Mowery got lost twice on his first day, and when he asked for help, the students led him in the right direction.

The first day of high school is just as important of a day to freshman as it is to seniors, for more similar reasons than most would expect. Sometimes the start of senior year can be uncomfortable, with the fear of college in mind and the ideas of this being the last year.

“I’m not nervous anymore,” says Kiegan Carstens, “because I’m finally a senior.” As a freshman, Carstens was scared on his first day of school. Four years later, and that nervous kid who got lost on his first day ceases to exist.

The students aren’t the only people with first day jitters. New teachers can find it nerve-wracking, too.

“I’m a little awkward, but so are freshman, so it kinda works out.” says science teacher Smith. As a first year teacher in a big school, Smith didn’t know what to expect. He ended up having a great first day and left West feeling tired from all the fun. “I love being in a big school,” he explained. “I grew up in a small town, so all the people is a great change.”

For most students, the first day wasn’t as bad as they expected. In fact, it was exciting to reconnect with friends after a long summer.