Gosse leaves the Nest

Math teacher Mrs. Gosse is leaving



“She’s pretty laid back as a teacher. She’ll help you with anything you just go through with questions. She teaches really well, like, if you aren’t understanding things she’ll like to come over and explain it to you and everything,” Fellner said.

Makenna Burt, Reporter

West after 12 years 12 years, 2,160 school days, 12,960 hours of classes, plus countless hours of preparation and grading outside of the school day; that’s how long math teacher Mrs. Gosse has spent teaching here at West. Although, that time is coming to a close at the end of this school year. 

“My first memories of West was that four of us shared the math office all as traveling teachers. And so like before and after school we would always share stories and like talk content. And we were kind of like a little tribe so that was kinda cool,” Gosse said.

Having relationships with your co-workers is very important but so is growing relationships with students. As every year comes and goes more students have her as their teacher, making an impact on more students. 

“She’s a very energetic teacher, who is very positive even with a class who maybe doesn’t want to listen or learn,” junior Rian Reynolds said. 

Her positivity makes her stand out, thus making her class environment different from others.

“What makes her stand out is her willingness to sit down for however long just to work with a student. One time she spent 15 minutes on a question spelling it out for me,” junior Vy Nguyen said. 

 Her students were able to be successful in her AP Calculus class, which shows the dedication that Mrs. Gosse puts into her students.

“She gave us three weeks to prepare us for the AP test. We went like every Tuesday, and it was super nice. She just made us laugh, she would always tell jokes, but then was also really serious about preparing us for the test at the same time,” senior Brandt Fellner said. 

Her dedication went far beyond the school day hours, such as spending time outside of school with her students studying, but also hanging out with the math department. 

“I have a lot of really awesome coworkers that I’m really sad to leave, but they’ve already told me they’re gonna hunt me down and find me to continue hanging out, so that’s fun but also a little terrifying,” Gosse said. 

Growing bonds are very easy while being at one school for such a long time. This makes leaving to go to another school such a  difficult task. 

“Although I loved my time here at West, I just felt like I just needed a change, just kind of a fresh start. […] Thanks to everyone for a great time and experience here at West and I will definitely miss my students and co-workers,” Gosse said.