A Balancing Act

Humans of West: Sydney Westerhof


“I love being so involved at West, it can be a lot to handle at times but ultimately it’s fun. I have met so many people and created so many memories in each activity I’m involved in,” Westerhof said.

Makenna Burt, Reporter

Three sports, two clubs, and a 4.0 GPA, that’s a dedicated student. With being so involved the balance between academics and extracurriculars is a difficult one. Junior Sydney Westerhof has that balancing act figured out pretty well. 

“It’s a lot of work [being involved], but you have to get your work done,” Westerhof said.

Being in sports can cause school absences, late night practices, and early morning lifting. This makes staying up to date with schoolwork more difficult. 

“She is a go-getter. Sydney likes to be 100% on top of things. So she takes care of any absences, makes sure her work is done and is ready to learn that day,” Student Senate Advisor and Math Teacher Ms. Gascho said.

Staying up to date with content in classes is very important for when you are at school. Falling behind can lead to bad grades or even suspension from the team for failing classes.

“It’s hard to keep up in classes because of missing school for sports, but I use 5th block every day to get with my teachers and make sure I know what I am doing in class,” Westerhof said.

Westerhof uses 5th block for the purpose it was intended for. Just doing work during 5th block isn’t going to be enough to stay on top of it. 

“You have to put your school first, that’s what is going to get you far in life. You have to get it done before you watch T.V. or sit on TikTok. You have to be disciplined to do your schoolwork,” said Westerholf

 Being up to date on her assignments causes Westerhof to be able to be successful and helpful in her classes. Keeping her grades up is something that is important to her.

“In class she’s not judgemental if you have to ask a bunch of questions, she’s also very helpful and is willing to help other people around her,” Junior Elizabeth Paustian said. 

Paustian has known Westerhof since middle school, where they became close friends and had countless classes with her. They are also teammates on the West Girls Basketball Team. 

“She’s always positive and dedicated to everything she does whether it’s sports or academics,” Paustian said. 

Her friends aren’t the only people to pick up on Westerhof’s positivity. Her positivity and dedication is noticed by many including teachers. 

“Sydney is a very hard worker and she’s organized. She is a funny person and it’s fun having her [in class],” Gascho said.