A Needed Break

West Student and Staff talk about Spring Break


Makenna Burt

The Davenport West band is packed up ready for spring break. They took a bus and went to Florida.

Makenna Burt, Reporter

As March comes around, most students and staff are wanting a break from school. Luckily the schools get one, known as spring break. Some students or staff take this as an opportunity to take a vacation. Whether they use it to go closer to the warmth or visit snowy mountains. 

“I am going to Gulf Shores, Alabama for spring break with my family this year. We have been going to the same place for the last 3 years,” freshman Halle Hansen said.

Some families even go with the same people or place every year for their break. Almost like it’s a tradition. 

“I am going to Florida over spring break with my family and friends. We normally go every year and it’s always fun,” senior Caden Schaeffer said.

Some people use it to go visit with family or friends, although some use the break to go visit out of town family or friends. 

“We are flying to Daytona, Florida, and we’re going to stay with my grandparents,” teacher Mrs. Kormann said.

Spring break is used exactly for what it sounds like, a break! Although, not all students or staff take it as a break and could use it to catch up on school related things. 

“I am going to try to do schoolwork over break, but knowing myself I probably won’t. I am just going to sleep and go to work,” junior Zoe Glasglow said.

The debate of doing homework during a break is always an interesting discussion. As teachers may assign work to do, students are put in situations to decide to do it or not.

 “I am not doing any schoolwork over spring break, I am not taking it there. I am going there to get away from school,” Hansen said.

Having the week off does give the time to get a break if you prepare right. Some even take the extra effort to plan ahead to insure not having to do anything school related over break. 

“I will be doing absolutely nothing school related; I have planned ahead so I am just going to enjoy the break,” said Kormann.

As the stretch from winter break to the end of the year happens, most students and staff need something to look forward to. 

“In my opinion spring break is necessary for a break from school and everyone needs it, it’s just relaxing,” Glasgow said. 

Just like winter break, shortly after West will be having term 3 finals. With the break being a week long this can be difficult for students or staff.

“I am not happy about having finals shortly after break, I am probably going to forget everything over break,” Glasgow said. 

Others can disagree, the break could be used catchup time to do assignments or even grading for teachers. With finals only a week and a half after spring break it can be controversial. 

“I actually don’t mind finals because we have the full week and then finals week. If finals were like immediately after a break, I don’t think that would be ideal,” said Kormann. 

Ultimately, finals will have be taken at some point by students. Spring break can be used in all different ways for students and staff, in the end it is simply a break!