Finally finals

How to prepare for upcoming finals


Hannah Andrews

“I would recommend to study a lot more and not procrastinate,” junior Nayeli Calzada said.

Hannah Andrews, News Editor

From students’ freshman year until their senior year, at the end of every quarter comes two days worth of exams to test their knowledge over the entire term of the classes they have taken.

According to a study from Stanford University, studying strategically before a test or exam can help increase scores by an average of a third of a letter grade. Self-reflecting on topics such as what is a student’s weakest subject and vice versa can help one determine the length and importance of studying certain subjects.

“My studying depends on the subject,” junior Nayeli Calzada. “If I know it is going to be a difficult subject for me, I would most likely study more for it.”

The importance of studying is something both Calzada and science teacher Amy Jensen can agree on.

“I feel it’s important that if a student is studying and working on something at home that they should be able to have the correct answers to know if they are doing their work right or wrong,” Jensen said. “Along with the study guide and answer key, I try and offer study sessions for students in the mornings leading up to finals and also the day of finals.”

Although studying is important, that isn’t the only thing that can benefit students. According to senior Martin Morales, a full stomach and enough sleep can also help.

“Personally, I have the worst sleep schedule,” Morales said. “During finals I try to adjust it so I can get enough sleep so I’m not drowsy during testing. Also, I know I am not the only one with a terrible schedule when it comes to eating in the morning. Food in my stomach helps me think, so it may help others, too.”

There are many different ways to help with doing well on finals. Everyone just has to find their own way of doing it.

“As a senior, I have learned to take finals seriously,” senior Raul Estefania said. “As an underclassman, I wish I took finals more seriously because [finals] are important.”