Moving on: Mike Wells

Q: Do you think your skills will change at Central? Why or why not? A: I will always continuously reflect on what I do or try to find something better or new. So yes, but I will still be the same teacher I am now because of what I learned here at West.

Naomi Walker, Reporter

Q: How long have you taught at West?

A: I am finishing my eleventh year here at West.


Q: What will you miss most about West?

A: I will miss the staff, and a lot of the students. I’ll miss fun times at events and the extra things we do here, like the lip sync battles and all those cool neat things.


Q: Where are you transferring to and why?

A: I am heading to Davenport Central. The reason I am changing buildings is because I kind of need a change for myself. I think it would be good for me to get into a new place. I have never seen another school other than West.


Q: When did you decide to move?

A: I did not decide until February or March just because a job popped up. I couldn’t go to Central unless a position opened. What we do as a district is we post them online and then people can bid on then. When the job popped up, I figured I would give it a chance.


Q: What have you learned from West?

A: Everything I know about teaching is from West, [like] all my teaching strategies, all my classroom management and anything like that. My last three year I have been in a lead teacher role. All the working with staff has been learned here at West.


Q: How will you use those skills at Central?

A: They have shaped me into who I am, so it will just drive everything I do in the classroom and all the stuff I take on with a leadership role with them.