Moving on: Jared Perez


Kate Kealey

Q:What has changed about you in the last three years you have been at West? A:”My braces, my first year teaching is when I got them on and this year, I now have them off”

Kate Kealey, Editor-in-chief

Q: How long have you been at West?

A: Three years, and this was my first school I taught at. I will be moving to West Chicago Community High School.


Q: How do you feel about leaving West?

A: It will be sad because I started teaching freshman and now that they are juniors, I will not be able to see them graduate.


Q: What did you enjoy at West?

A: I liked my department as well as the staff here, and coaching.


Q: What advice would you pass on to your students?

A: Do better than me, not only in high school, but college too.


Q:What do you hope students take away from you?

A:I hope students think I am a laid back person, and that is how my class is. A class should never be stressful.