Moving on: Adam Pagett


Mackenzi Burns

Associate principal Adam Pagett shows off his Falcon pride with his “Die Hard Falcon Fan” sign sitting by the window of his office. Pagett will be moving on to Central after this year.

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

Q: How did you find out about the switch?

A: We know in our positions as associate principals that there are times where our boss, the assistant superintendent Mr. Scott, can move us around. He is the one who alerted us that we would be moving and changing buildings. There are a lot of different reasons he does that, with some of the budget cuts and the fact that they are reducing some associate principal positions. When that happened, it created some vacancies and people shifted to those and we shifted to Central.


Q: What was your first reaction to the news?

A: Disappointed because this was my first administrative job. I’ve gotten to know the staff so well and gotten to know the students. I really enjoy being here at West, but there is also a bit of excitement in the fact I used to teach at Central, so I have a lot of friends over there. Being able to be a principal at a school I used to teach at is pretty cool.


Q: What will you miss most about teaching at West?

A: I’m going to really miss the staff. We have a lot of really good teachers that I enjoyed working with. I think that West is unique in the fact of our students and their background and where they come from. It’s a proud school to me. Everyone is very proud of being a part of the west end of Davenport. I’m going to miss our dance and cheer teams, and I also worked a lot with our performing arts. That is one thing I’m hoping to do at Central.