Humans of West: Mason Boland-Lopez


Aiden Rushing

Q: What is something you would never ever do in your entire life? A: “I would never ever hold a big snake. I don’t like snakes, and I think they’re creepy,” Boland-Lopez said.

Aiden Rushing, Reporter

“My favorite sport to watch is football because there is a lot of action, and I have been a Bears fan all of my life. I like to watch the Bears specifically, otherwise I like watching people hit each other. It is a pretty good contact sport, and it’s fun to watch. My favorite sport to play is baseball because I’ve been playing since I was seven years old, and it’s always been a passion of mine to play. I don’t ever want to stop playing. My favorite memory from playing baseball is when I won my home run derby when I was 14, and I beat kids that were older than me. It was a really fun time to play baseball.”

– sophomore Mason Boland-Lopez