Humans of West: Mia Nelson


Naomi Walker

“It is a great day to have a great day. It always is. You can make any day great with a positive attitude and the small stuff will not matter five years from now.”

Naomi Walker, Reporter

Mia Nelson is a junior at West and has been on the Diamond Dancers Dance Team since she was a sophomore. She has recently been chosen to be the first dance team captain for the 2018-2019 school year.

What is your best piece of advice for high school or life?

“My biggest thing is that for high school, none of this is going to matter in five or ten years so if someone is mad at you or someone doesn’t like you, [just remember] that it won’t affect your chances of getting into college or getting that job. You have to prioritize what is important to you.”


How would you describe leadership?

“I would describe leadership as leading by example rather than just telling people what to do. By being a positive role model throughout everything and being kind to other people regardless of what happens, then you can lead with that in mind.”


How do you show leadership?

“I try to show leadership at dance [practices and competitions] by always listening and paying attention to what the coach says and to what my peers say so I can improve the team as a whole by respecting other people’s opinions.”  


Why do you think you were picked for dance team captain?

“I just applied [for team captain] because I love dance team and have a lot of passion for it, and I love West. I love my team and being together through everything throughout the season. I stay prepared and manage my time well so I can always be on time to practice and games with all the materials I need.”


How do you want to make a difference on the dance team?

“I definitely want to be remembered as kind, so I strive to be nice to everyone and always have a positive attitude. I definitely want to leave that for future captains. Being the first captain is super scary, but I want to make sure there is always leadership by example and being kind to everyone else on the team.”