West crowns 2018 Gala King Brett Erwin


Naomi Walker, Reporter

Saturday, Jan. 27, senior Brett Erwin was crowned Gala King for the 2017-18 school year.

Erwin is considered a “huge” role model, not only because he is 6 feet and 8 inches tall, but because of his 4.0 GPA and all his extra curricular activities.

Sports are one of Erwins passions. He participates in both basketball and baseball.

“I play basketball because I’m tall and everyone thought I would be good at it,” Erwin said. “My dad was a good baseball player so I enjoy it.”

Although Erwin is big on sports, he has also been focused on education throughout his entire high school career.

“I push myself to work hard and manage my time, as well as keep the good grades up,” Erwin said.

Some people notice the hard work Erwin puts into his academics. English teacher Patricia Sheehey believes he is a great addition to her classes.

“Brett is a very considerate gentleman as well as a good scholar and student. He seeks to do his best in all of his classes,” Sheehey said. “He catches on very quickly and he’s a fast learner.”

Alongside his academic skills, Erwin’s personality has caught a lot of attention throughout his high school career.

“There is an element of humility about him that if asked a question about basketball or something, he doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to himself and is always willing to give someone else the credit,” Sheehey said.

Outside of school, Erwin has a close knit family. His younger brother, freshman Derek Erwin, looks up to him. He describes Erwin as someone who is funny, chill and friendly.

“I’m proud of him. He’s done a lot in high school and many people like him so it feels good to see him getting noticed,” Derek Erwin said.

Erwin has a goal to visit every MLB stadium before he dies. He also plans to go a four-year college after high school, but he is not sure what he wants to study yet.

“I hope he has a happy life and that whatever his goals are, that they prove to be successful for him, because he has a lot of potential,” Sheehey said. “He’s going to do well in whatever he does.”