Thankful turkeys

Zack Misner, Reporter

Once a year citizens of America come together with their families to express their gratitude of the past year. They also gain roughly 10 pounds on this day as families enjoy a feast beyond compare.

There are other traditions which some people have in their families.

“We actually get together as a whole family and play  games . We started it[the games] this past year and I hope we are doing it [games] this year as well. We normally read things off and dress each other as scarecrows,” junior Rachael Simmons said.

While Simmons has family traditions and loves to spend the holiday with her family, her opinion is not shared by everyone under the stars.

“I am not a fan of the holidays. I like the eating part, but I am forced to spend time with family members who I would prefer not to spend time with. We don’t really have any traditions,” junior Brady White said.

For some, Thanksgiving can be a blessed time. For others, it tends to be a burden. However, the one thing people agree on is the food. The people who make the feast are the most important subjects of the day.

“When it comes to the making of the dinner me, my mom, and my brother all cook the stuffing late at night the day before Thanksgiving. We all rip the bread apart for the stuffing and get it ready with the seasonings and have it sit over night. My dad does the turkey with my brother. De deep fries it in the roaster and then throughout the day we cook the rest of the meal like fried rice and mashed potatoes. We also make green bean casserole which I love,” senior Allison Cheatheam said.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and a time to give thanks to loved ones and those who have helped them obtain their goals and accomplishments. It is wise to never forget who or what you are thankful for, even the little things.

“I am thankful for my family, all of my friends, my best friend, everything that I have been given in my life and the opportunities that I have been granted–Mrs. Koski, Finley, Schlomer, Anderson–I am thankful that I have shelter for myself, food and water, and probably even more things that I can’t think of from the top of my head,” junior Robert Greve said.

While Greve has a large list in mind, some have been able to shorten their list as they grow wiser with age.

“This is my mantra: I am thankful for my faith, family and friends,” said English teacher Lori Duquette.

Duquette may cherish her beliefs and those who are closest to her, but Simmons is happy to just to have made it this far.

“I am thankful for what I have and how far I have come because without the people who I have, I doubt I would be here today. I am proud of myself for hanging in there and still being here today,” Simmons said.