Retiree Kathy Eberlein

Kelly Snawerdt, Editor

School Psychologist Kathy Eberlein will also be retiring from West as of June 1. She has worked here for a total of 12 years, but before worked at Sudlow Intermediate for 18 years. For a short period of time she also worked at Blue Grass Elementary, evaluating preschoolers for special education.

Eberlein has had many responsibilities during her time working as the school psychologist. Some of her job tasks included doing evaluations and testing in the areas of learning to see if a student needs special education assistance.

She also saw students for counseling and even provides a social success group for students who can potentially be on the autism spectrum to work with them on skills such as preparing to get a job with mock interviews.

Some of Eberlein’s favorite memories involve helping kids achieve their goals and make their mark on the world.

“[My favorite part is] knowing that the most exciting thing about my job is seeing students who were really struggling when they were freshmen, and then to see them go off and become ready for a job or go on to college and really turn their life around,” Eberlein said.

She left with some advice for all of the students to take with them wherever they go:

“It’s very meaningful in your life to reach out to others, that you listen to others, you’re there for others, helping others; that brings meaning and purpose to life for anyone. Think about others before yourself,” Eberlein said.

Eberlein is ready to officially end her career and begin the rest of her life, still holding on to the memories made here as a Falcon.