Horoscopes December 19 – 25

Emma Day, Reporter


January 20 – February 18

Often you let the past affect the present and future. Let the past be just that- the past. It should not affect what you are doing now. Your finances will increase this week but, don’t spend all of it at once. Savor it.

This sudden abundance of wealth will boost your confidence emotionally and physically leading to a more stable mood. If you are positive this week, your goal will be easier to achieve. Family is key this weekend so spend as much time with them as you can.



February 19 – March 20


Lately, communication has been lacking between your friends and family. This is the perfect week to remedy that. Life is short, so why not make the most of it with your loved ones. Drama has crept up recently bringing its best friend stress along with it. Don’t let the pressure distract you from your priorities. You have so many dreams and so much ambition and it’s important that you keep persevering through the bull to achieve them.



March 21 – April 19


This week, you may be feeling a little off, but don’t let this sense of uncertainty disrupt your work ethic. You’re a hard worker who typically keeps up with tasks, but waver now and you may find yourself playing catch up later on. Determine an effective method capable of calming your nerves during this busy holiday period and you’ll be able to accomplish your goals regardless of potential impeding factors.



April 20 – May 20


The arrival of a holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and have some fun for yourself this week. End the year with a big bang! Party some! Conversely, as of late, you haven’t had the ability to focus well on the good things going for you in your life right now which is a big problem. Surround yourself with happy positive people and surely some of their good mojo will rub off on you. Work on little tasks and set goals for this week. Make sure you spend time with family because you may not get to see them a lot and things will start to seem better to you.



May 21 – June 20


You’re going to be in your feelings this week and that’s perfectly fine. Negativity has been your main focus and you need to get out of the slump you’re in. Spend time with close friends and family this week, go out and socialize, and maybe you might discover what’s missing from your life… like, perhaps your significant other. Keep them in your life. With everything going on all at once this holiday season, you may be lacking energy. Just be sure to get enough sleep and stay hydrated and you’ll find a way to manage.



June 21 – July 22


You are creative and inventive and have a knack for striking up new ideas. Focus on those short term plans and things will be more organized. You’re always there for people and they’re always there for you but even so, you may have a hard time explaining how you feel to people. Break that complex and get things off your chest. That’s perfectly normal. Reconnect with people from your past and try to become close again. Make plans to travel, after all, you are very adventurous. New scenery will clear your mind and make you feel better.



July 23 – August 22


Feeling off balance lately? This is a good week to stabilize your life. Even if you never completely manage to get everything under control, it’s the thought that counts. Try out a project that you never got around to finishing before. We all have short-term plans or ideas, but it is important that you keep with them because accomplishing them may come in handy in the future. Furthermore, share those ideas and stray thoughts on your mind with others and you might fight a beneficial partner. Surround yourself with supportive people while sharing these things on your mind as well. You will feel more welcomed and eager to express yourself.  



August 23 – September 22


You’re going to be feeling every emotion known to man and you can expect emotional and dramatic at the top at the list. As a result, your mind will be racing with a million and one things, potentially preventing you from doing the things you love with the same amount of passion. Take time out of your schedule to make sure you do what you need to do and that it makes you happy. Try reconnecting with old friends or old hobbies that could potentially make you happy. Relax, there’s always going to be something on your mind. Just try to relax and clear your chaotic mind.  



September 23 – October 22


You may have a hard exterior, but you’re soft on the inside. It may be good to keep that in mind because something is going to impact you this week- and it may hurt. Just remember that you always have family and friends there if you need a shoulder to cry on or to vent to. You usually are great at expressing your opinion, but once it comes to explaining how you feel, you are at a loss for words or possibly choked up. Make sure you talk to someone; they might make it easier and you could explain things better. You’re a very hard-working person who seems to never run out of that contagious creative energy. Get plenty of rest and you’ll be ready for the day ahead of you.



October 23 – November 21


You think about the future a lot and all of the many things you want to accomplish. Start on them now, why don’t you? It may seem like your goal is only accomplishable in the future, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a head start and make some progress now. Typically, you are a follower rather than a leader and when it comes to you making plans, no one listens because there’s someone else already scheduling them. Just be sure to do the things that you love and not purely the things you need to do. Life is short so have so blend work with play. Don’t just go through the motions.



November 22 – December 21


Everyone has goals, but you, in particular, tend to stick to them, and if you don’t, you feel like your world is ending. You may be struggling financially right now but after Christmas or in the nearby future, your stress will fade away. Just don’t forget to spend your money wisely. Family means a lot to you so make sure you spend some time with them this week. You’re a very creative and positive person so don’t let anyone stop you from being just that.



December 22 – January 20


Focusing, having emotion, or perhaps communicating will be strenuous this week and you don’t know why. The more you think about it the more it will trouble you, so keep your mind off of it by doing activities you enjoy doing. You have big ideas which lead to big plans- don’t let anything come in the way of that. You’re a good person who has a big heart and often forgiveness is a recurring theme in your book of life. You often forgive easily and that’s a bad trait to have. Said person needs to beg to prove that they deserve your forgiveness.