9/26-10/2 Horoscopes

Emma Day, Reporter

Aquarius   January 20 – February 18

Change and adventure are the keywords for this week, Aquarius. The Sun and Jupiter are lining up and for your sign that only means to take chances with your routines. Monday is the day of changes. If you have a routine that you rely on everyday, change it up a little bit. Instead of eating a Poptart for breakfast, try eating eggs and fresh fruit. If you drive to work or school, try going a different route. Going out to dinner? Go to a new place that has good ratings and  that you’ve been wanting to try, not the same place you go every time. Change is a big thing, some people don’t like that. On Friday your adventurous side will come out and you will want to travel. Maybe this means a weekend getaway or even going somewhere to relax and get away for a little bit. Go wherever your heart desires, just make sure you drive save.    

Pisces   February 19 – March 20

It’s about to get flirtatious up in here. There is a rare solar event happening, the Sun and Jupiter are lining up. Pisces, it’s time to get your flirt on (woot woot). This week is going to be full of socializing and taking some dares. Maybe try flirting with your crush and expressing how you feel towards them. If you’re in a relationship, try bumping it up on the dates, do something different. Try going out for a nice dinner or a picnic under the stars. Pisces are known for getting attached easily, admit it, you are guilty of that. On Friday the new moon has arrived. This is the day where you think you’re going to get attached. This may be a hard time for you because of that reason, getting attached is easy to do but getting unattached is one of the hardest things to do, physically or emotionally. Make sure that you remember that for this week Pisces, if you do, it’s your time for romance.         

Aries   March 21 – April 19

Are you up for a little bit of questioning yourself and your interests? The Sun and Jupiter are lining this week, you know what that means? Time for some questioning. This time may be a little strange for you because you’re questioning what you want. Not just in life, but in your future partner. You may have a type that you go for, the one with self confidence and adorable laugh. But, maybe you’re attracted to the person that is shy and mysterious. You never know what you want Aries, if you do it’s usually wrong and you end up changing your mind. The new moon is on Friday and that’s the day where you believe to start fresh with a new chapter in your love life, a new love chapter if you will. This new chapter in your life may help you figure out what the “missing piece” of your life is.

Taurus   April 20 – May 20

No one is going to be able to keep up with you Taurus! On Monday the rare solar alignment of the Sun and Jupiter is going to make you very energetic. Instead of being a couch potato, eating a bag of chips and napping for the rest of the day this burst of energy will take over you. To get the burst of energy out you might want to consider going a bike ride, playing basketball, football, volleyball, whatever your energetic heart desires. Not only does it stop at being active, you decide to eat something healthy. Go you! The new moon on Friday is going to make your creative side come out. You might want to paint or do some DIY’s. Let your creative side flow.  

Gemini   May 21 – June 20

Time to be the attention seeker Gemini. The Sun and Jupiter are aligned this week and that means the attention is on you. If you’re use to fading into the background and being invisible, this week will be different. Even if you don’t mean to get the attention, it will certainly happen this week. Who doesn’t like a little bit of attention once in awhile? Don’t take it for granted, Gemini. Friday’s new moon is the time to try new styles and trends you’ve always wanted to try. Wear bold jewelry, try something different with your hair, wear that shirt you felt self conscious in. Take a chance and be confident with who you are and the choices you make.  

Cancer   June 21 – July 22

You’re the type of person that puts others before yourself, this week you want to take a break from that. The Sun and Jupiter are aligning, which is very rare because that only happens every 12.5 years. Family may be one of the most important thing to you but this week is the time to focus on yourself. This is the time to pull back and find your center again. You may be overprotective over your family or close friends and this is the time to stop worrying about them and let them make their own decisions. The new moon is appearing on Friday, it’s going to give you the urge to find somewhere to relax. Maybe you go to a coffee place to do your homework or to just simply relax, maybe try to find a new place to do that. Expand your surroundings a little bit and you’ll find a new place to call your second home.    

Leo  July 23 – August 22

Take risks Leo’s! The Sun and Jupiter are lining up and that means one thing, taking risks. Don’t play it safe this week, go on adventures, tell your crush you like them, scream from the rooftops, just be wild and courageous. Go on social media, post selfies, make status’, tweet until you annoy your followers. Just don’t post stuff that will make people say, “TMI.” This is the time to not care about what other people think, just be you and do what you want to do. New moon Friday, time for socializing. Expand your circle a bit and talk to people that you usually wouldn’t talk to. Get out there, do some karaoke, have a dance party, run around town, do whatever. Let your adventurous side come out and be young,wild and free.

Virgo  August 23 – September 22

9/26-10/2 Horoscope- It’s money time ladies and gentlemen! Rare alignments are happening, the Sun and Jupiter are upon us. Monday is going to revolve around money, either receiving or wanting it. If you aren’t making money now, you may want to start looking for some jobs and if you have a job, you may want to ask your boss for a raise. Friday’s new moon will make you think of money even more than you usually do. Do you have dreams on being rich? You can’t just expect money to just come to you, you have to work for it. If you want to have your money dream come true, you have to do something about it. Make money, achieve your dream.

Libra  September 23 – October 22

Libra, you’re expecting some fortune this week. This Monday is where the fortune is going to begin when the life-giving Sun and fortune giving planet Jupiter align with your sign. Capitalize this cosmic event, it only happens, oh, every 12.5 years. Try to make a big deal about it, go crazy. But how? Take a gamble on a dream you’ve had for so long that can help make you grow. Go and give yourself self-promotion and feel proud of it. Just go and put yourself out there! Friday marks the annual new moon, which is a day to start fresh and to focus on plans that could brighten your future. From those goals you want to picture yourself six months from now. Picturing that, you want to see personal growth, more happiness, and not to focus on what’s best for other people. Maybe try to make a list of goals or maybe a vision board to help you achieve your goals.

Scorpio  October 23 – November 21

It’s time for some new improvements! On Monday, the Sun and Jupiter make an alignment which will make you feel more free-spirited. You notice how you have a hard time getting into conversations but once you’re in you can’t escape it. Leaving is just too hard for you! If there is a long, overdue goodbye that has been dragging on for quite some time now, you need to do something about it. If you decide to snip the toxic situation you will be more at peace and that is what your body needs. Solve the problem and grow the courage and get the heck out of there. New moon on Friday, you know what that means? Time for healing. Scorpios are known for being sensitive and can feel pain more deeply than others. Times like this, you don’t need to be alone. Have a friend or a therapist help you with what you’re going through. If you would prefer to be alone, have your creative side come out. Pour the emotions by song writing, drawing, writing poems, choreographing a dance routine, anything that could help you with your situation and to help you not think about it. Just because you’re going through something, it doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. Help a person you’re close with and be their rock, help them get through the situation that they’re going through and I’m sure they’ll do the same to you.    

Sagittarius   November 22 – December 21

Popularity is a major factor this week for you, Sagittarians. Your sign is known for teamwork and technology, on Monday the rare alignment of the Sun and Jupiter causes some fortune for you. You will break your records on likes and comments on your social media platforms, so make sure you post a fire selfie or a relatable post that everyone would enjoy. Keep doing what you do and the right crowd will be created. This week make sure you organize some events that are in groups instead of one-on-ones. But, make sure you don’t overbook your schedule. On Friday you’re going to feel a bit more social. This may cause you to state your opinion more. Let people know your opinions on things, let the your opinion be heard.

Capricorn   December 22 – January 20
It’s time to bring the energy! The creative Sun and the honorable Jupiter collide making you feel more energized than normal. With that energy, it’s time to put those leadership skills to work. Don’t try to take all the responsibility, calm down a bit and do what you’re supposed to do. Everyone needs freedom, especially you! Friday’s new moon is based on success. Picture yourself in 6 months, what do you see? You should be seeing a nice relationship with someone (friendship or romance). Try going to social events, try meeting new people and getting to know them. Boost your confidence and social skills, it’s a great week for it.