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Women of West: Bree McMahon

Women of West: Bree McMahon

Billie Jo Sherman, Reporter March 31, 2018

"Getting involved in high school is important because it allows you to create great friendships, as well as good experiences that you can potentially use when you graduate high school!" - senior Bree...

“In my four years at West, it has taught me that you will always meet new people, teachers are always willing to help you, and there are so many opportunities that you will discover everyday at school.”

Women of West: Kassie Remley

Emma Day, Social Media Manager March 29, 2018

“In my four years at West, it has taught me that you will always meet new people, teachers are always willing to help you, and there are so many opportunities that you will discover everyday at school.” -...

What is your goal for the future? 
“I’d like to travel out of the country because I think it would be a nice experience.”

Women of West: Lisa Rostenbach

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter March 28, 2018

Words of wisdom from West's head secretary: “Treat others how you want to be treated because of the way things are today in the world and society. I think if people treated everybody the way they...

In my middle school days I used to be so worried about what other people thought of me. That always stressed me out. The stress gave me acne. I tried dressing like everybody else. I tried doing what everybody else was doing. Once I got to high school around my junior year, though, I started just being myself and not caring about other peoples opinions of me, and that’s when I’ve become most happiest.

Women of West: Tatiana Stepanek

Michael Davis, Features Editor March 27, 2018

"Don’t worry about what other people think because in the end you’re there for yourself at the end of the day. Live life to the fullest and do what you like to do because if you worry about what...

 “My favorite part of being a band director is watching my students grow not only musically but also as people,” band director Maggie Oates said.

Women of West: Maggie Oates

Danielle Stevens, Managing editor March 26, 2018

A funny story from Maggie Oates about traveling with her honor band students: “One time, I was driving a Suburban with some kids to an honor band in Cedar Rapids and the district had not put more...

I think youth activism is extremely important because were the future. I think that in order to be a successful generation, we have to start at our age.-junior Lily Hancock

Women of West: Lily Hancock

Emma Bernick, Media Editor March 23, 2018

"My happy place is my house because I can always count on someone being there; my family, my pets, my friends. My biggest influences are my parents because they support me in everything I do. They give...

“Being in a show choir group has taught me to work well with a team and to not let my frustration get the best of me. I found other ways to express my emotions, singing especially helps.” - Senior Hailey Dormire

Women of West: Hailey Dormire

Emma Day, Social Media Manager March 21, 2018

“The most memorable part of my last competition would be getting off stage and realizing that it was my last one. I took a deep breath and started sobbing because I would never do it again. I had a new...

“Live life with purpose and passion and always be kind and humble.”
-Math teacher Lindsey Gosse

Women of West: Lindsey Gosse

Samantha Makl, Reporter March 19, 2018

“I teach because I have a passion for helping students grow and learn the skills they need to be successful in life. I had some really influential high school math teachers, and I thought ‘yeah I would...

Everyone dressed in black and jeans for the annual Staber family photo in her AP English class.

Women of West: Angela Staber

Elise Frohna, Reporter March 16, 2018

“Why I teach is difficult to summarize. There are so many reasons, but I think I teach literature and writing because I recognize the great power of the written word. In a world where it appears we listen...

“Because of my own learning issues I’ve been able to help get students through school, learn as much as possible, and identify their own strategies to help them learn and be stronger students because of my own experiences.” 
-Special Education teacher Amanda Bohart

Women of West: Amanda Bohart

Joseph Potts, Reporter March 14, 2018

Born in Peoria, Illinois, special education teacher Amanda Bohart loved school and always wanted to be a teacher, despite struggling. “I have a learning disability which causes things that I hear...

What about the movie Rocky makes you love it so much?
	“It was the determination and the perseverance that the character, not necessarily Stallone, but his character, showed. He was given a one in a million shot and he took it. He knew it was going to be hard. He knew he just had to keep going, and thats kind of how I live my life, as if something gets in my way I try to look at it as an adventure instead of making it a challenge.” 

-English teacher Lori Duquette

Women of West: Lori Duquette

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter March 13, 2018

Who is someone you look up to and why? “Even to this day, although she’s been gone for 20 years, it would be my grandmother. She cared. She did things for others; she put others before her. She...

“When it comes to inspiring my students, I try to lead by example as much as I can. When my students start to become negative, I always say ‘we have to find another way if one way isn’t working.’”-English teacher Amanda Loucks

Women of West: Amanda Loucks

Hannah Andrews, Reporter March 12, 2018

“When I was younger I had a rough upbringing. These experiences have taught me how to overcome instead of shutting down. I feel that my experiences have given me the opportunity to relate to my students...

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