West varsity struggles to find offense

The Falcons and the Wildcats face off in pre-snap formation.

TJ Rhodes, Sports Reporter

The West varsity football team hoped to play spoiler against North during North’s Homecoming game on Sept. 15.

West was flying high after their first varsity victory of the season last week against Burlington.

West started the game off strong. The defense held North to a few first downs, while the offense scored ten early points with a touchdown run and a field goal by senior running back Alec Cassini.

However, West took their foot off the gas pedal. North scored a big touchdown early in the second quarter, and again later in the same quarter. With the two-point conversion, North was up 15-10.

“I think we were doing fine but what changed was people started to think that we were just going to blow them out … and we lost focus,” junior defensive back Malik Westerfield said.

West’s offensive line struggled to give junior quarterback Jacob Milem time in the pocket to make passes. Milem was sacked multiple times killing some drives and plays.

“Missed blocks and not holding the blocks long enough were our main issues. Those are fixable though. We will practice this week and correct those mistakes so we can be more prepared,” senior offensive linemen Josh Kopp said.

West continued with their defensive struggles as North scored an early touchdown in the third quarter and capped off the game by scoring with a field goal.

“The first half wasn’t bad at all, we just couldn’t score in the second quarter. The second half is where things went south for us,” Kopp said.

Both teams started to struggle on offense and the game came to an end with a final score of 10-25

West dropped their record to 1-3. The will play Dubuque Senior on Friday, Sept. 22.