Falcons Take Off

Falcons have their first win against north
Junior Marvin Neely blocked a Davenport North player back on offense.
Junior Marvin Neely blocked a Davenport North player back on offense.
Emmaly Maylum

Starting the year off with a Falcon win! The football team won against rivals Davenport North. With just came off a winning 7-3 record from last season, so many doubt this season. Having lost so many seniors this is an important game, not just their confidence but for setting the tone of the season. 

“The defensive side of the ball was smooth and we were able to stop North from scoring more than 6 points,” senior Zane Fellman said. 

With the defense getting so many stops, having great team energy and keeping their heads up were crucial, despite being down during the beginning of the game. 

“We were down six points, and I had a force fumble on their quarterback. It changed the whole environment for the rest of the game. So it gives the team a boost and gets everyone hyped up,” junior Marvin Neely said. 

As the Falcons go on the rest of the season, more dominating wins with many more stops on defense will possibly land the team with another trip to the playoffs.

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