Leaving an Impact

Coach Krusey will be missed as he moves to another school



“The confidence he had in us, it just made us have more confidence in ourselves to go out there and do the best we can,” said Mitchell.

Lucy Bernick, Reporter

Coaches and teachers can leave a special impact on the kids that they coach and teach which is exactly what Coach Krusey did during his time at West. Krusey is a special education and behavior disorder teacher at West High School but is also the head coach of football and girls basketball. His position at West is appreciated by his athletes, and he will be missed as he moves on to become principal at Easton Valley High School.

“It was a good thing he came because we actually had someone who cared about us and wanted us to be better… and even if we didn’t win, he always believed in us and didn’t give up on us,” junior basketball player Hannah Mitchell said.

Krusey has been a positive influence for the girls basketball team and has given them the confidence and resources they needed to grow as a team.

“I think we play a lot better with him because he’s taught us so many new things and gave us so many opportunities to get better with camps and open gyms,” junior basketball player Sydney Westerhof said.

Krusey has left an influence on both sports teams and also helped to turn things around for a successful football season this year.  

“I think he really made me think as an athlete, like the mental side of the game,” senior football player Jaylen Green said.

As a coach, having a bond with your athletes is one of the most important things, and that is exactly what Krusey did. Whether it was seeing the kids at lifting every morning or practice after school, these are the relationships that will be missed.

“All the kids that I coach.. And those interactions and conversations are going to be what I’ll miss the most for sure,” said Krusey.

He not only influenced the kids, but he also had an impact on the coaches that he worked with.

“He was an absolutely phenomenal coach to learn a bunch under, and I was able to just learn a bunch from him and improve… and I loved working with him because he always knew that he could be better too, so he was wanting to learn from other coaches and players to make everyone as best as they can be,” Coach Buetin said.

Once Krusey leaves, there will be a large hole to fill and everyone will have to adapt to the new staff.

“Adjustments will be done accordingly to whoever the new head coach is,and hopefully we can all collaborate well since we all want the best and the same mindset for the girls,” Buetin said.

 As Krusey moves on to Easton Valley, it will be a challenge to fill such a large role, and no one will forget the memories that he has left with his athletes. He did exactly what he was supposed to do as a coach, leaving a positive effect on the kids. Krusey will be missed and everyone wishes him luck as he moves on to a new environment and position at Easton Valley High School.