Falcons Vs Knights

Davenport West battles against the Assumption Knights


Sammie Wisely

“We kept perseverance even though the game wasn’t going our way. We learned that if we have an open shot we need to take the risk,” junior Sydney Westerhof said.

Stoyota Nguyen, Reporter

The Davenport West Falcons traveled to Assumption High School on January 3rd to play in a double header. Unfortunately, the boys varsity lost 50-60 and the girls varsity lost 10-51, it wasn’t a successful night for our Falcons. 

Both of the Falcon teams came out strong and ready to play, and junior Jovohn Davis was filled with high excitement and hopes of taking home a win. 

“Me and my team listened to music, laughed and made many jokes before the game. I was so pumped and ready to play,” said Davis. 

The girls were first to play in this double header and started off on a rocky start at the end of first quarter with a score of 0-19. To close out the games of the night the boys came out energetic and aggressive, leading 17-13 at the end of the first quarter. The boys were thrilled and the student sections were cheerful, while the girls started to lose motivation. 

“After the first and second quarter we were a little down on ourselves because we couldn’t get things to work or go our way,” junior Hannah Mitchell said. 

Things started to go better for the girls and they started to get a groove going with a score of 5-47. Meanwhile in the third quarter, the boys team at Assumption were catching up with the Falcons, with a score of 43-39. The Falcons started to feel nerves that they did not experience in the beginning of the game. 

“The team was starting to feel defeated because Assumption was catching up, when we were so far ahead. Everyone started to airball and we just weren’t working as a team,” junior Jermilyn Gardner said. 

The game was coming to an end but things were just starting to get riled up. The West student section was on their toes in hopes that the Falcons would pull through. 

“We were screaming at the top of our lungs, the Knights were catching up and everyone was just on the edge of the bleachers,” junior Lauryn Taylor said.

By the end of fourth quarter our Falcons fell defeated and the Knights were yelling with joy. The final scores were 50-60 for the boys and 10-51 for the girls.

“During the 4th quarter I felt like we still kept a little of that momentum, but by the end we lost it. Our motivation was down and the crowd was silent,” senior Maddie White said. 

Unfortunately, both of the Knight teams ended up winning against the Falcons. However, each player’s blood, sweat and tears were left on the court.