Brett Erwin selected for Academic All-State Iowa Basketball Team


Martin Morales, Reporter

Out of 130 applicants across the state of Iowa, senior center Brett Erwin was one of 23 student athletes chosen for the Academic All-State Iowa Basketball team.

“It’s a really cool honor and a big accomplishment for me,” Erwin said. “I don’t remember the last time someone from West won it so it’ll definitely be good to have someone from our school there.”

“It’s a big honor for Brett but it’s a deserved honor,” boys’ basketball head coach Mark Bigler said. “He’s one of the top 8 scorers in the MAC conference. He usually brings great effort to the court and you mix that with talent, you get pretty good results.”

His demeanor on the court also matches his demeanor in the classroom

“He’s a great player and takes grades seriously,” senior and Erwin’s teammate Aaron Gilliland said. “He really makes the term ‘student athlete’ a real thing. His work ethic is great.”

Erwin has a 4.0 GPA and, according to Bigler, has great athletic ability.

“Brett puts in extra time to make sure his grades are outstanding and is a team player,” says social studies teacher Christine Gray about his demeanor in the classroom.

This could change Iowa’s image of West athletics.

“People would say West is ghetto but this shows that there are people here that care about grades and Athletics,” Gilliland said.

There hasn’t been a basketball player from West to receive this honor since Nat Gaston did in the 2011 basketball season. Having two West athletes, Bailey Garnica and Brett Erwin, with the chance to receive this honor could give the school a better reputation throughout Iowa as a school that can produce real athletes that work hard both in the game and in the classroom.

“West sometimes gets dug in a reputation it doesn’t deserve. Brett achieving this honor puts a positive light on our athletic program at West,” Bigler said.