“True” fans support the Chicago Cubs to the end


Michael Davis

Kevin Masterson’18 showing support for the Chicago Cubs with a meaningful shirt.

Denisse Duarte, Reporter

The World Series signals the return of all the baseball fanatics. This year, a team that has not won the World Series in over a hundred years, returns to the field for a chance at redemption.

The Chicago Cubs worked their way up to play in the majorly recognized championship. There are many students at West High School who are restlessly waiting for the Cubs to bring home the win.

“I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life thanks to my grandparents and father. For them to be in the World Series is a great thing,” junior Kevin Masterson said. This team has been in his family for a few generations. They watch every single game together as a family.

“Yes, the Cubs are my absolute favorite team. I’m definitely really excited,” junior Bailey Poston said.

“It’s an amazing thing to watch, I’m so happy…. I’ve liked them for a few years now,” senior Lexi Coiner said. “… but my family doesn’t like them, it’s just me.”

Bandwagons are criticized for the wishy-washy nature and are quick to jump off when their team loses just as quickly as they jumped on. A loss does not faze a true fan according to sophomores Michael Chalupa and Maddisen Klemme.

“I absolutely hate them. It’s not fair to us who have been here since the beginning,” Chalupa said.

“Man it sucks, I don’t like it at all. Yeah we need support but it isn’t right to all of us,” Klemme said.

The Cubs have experienced a few losses so far in the Series but that will not stop the support from these fans.

“All I have to say to the Cubs is that they have to keep pushing through, the losses don’t matter because they’ve already made it this far,” senior Ryan Foss said.

The Cubs are at the finish line and their fans are cheering them on to the end.

“Just don’t suck and keep going- we got this,” finished Poston.