IT: the scariest movie of 2017

Danielle Stevens, Managing Editor

In 1986, horror author Stephen King published haunting novel It. The book was made into a movie and was released to the public originally on Nov. 18, 1990 as a TV mini series on network TV.  After 27 years, It is back after its release date, Friday, Sept. 8.

On Sunday my father and I went to go see it and I was on the edge of my seat. I made sure to watch the original film before I saw the new one so I was not lost. There were many parts from the original film that director Andres Muschietti adapted. But this version was extra vicious and frightening. Pennywise, the villainous clown, resembled the character in the first movie but appeared more dark and sinister.

The movie highlights a supernatural entity that takes children’s fears and uses those fears against them. For example, one of the main children in the movie is Bill. Bill loses his little brother George after Pennywise captures him. Pennywise changes his appearance to look like George to lure Bill to him.

This movie is not for the faint hearted. There are countless scenes involving lots of gore. One scene in particular included Beverly, one of the children out of this group of friends that the movie is based on, sitting in the bathroom. She hears voices coming out of the bathroom sink and when she looks down, blood spurts everywhere.

Humor trickled into a few scenes to ease the audience’s anxiety.My favorite part is when George went out to test out a paper boat Bill makes for him. As he chases it, he stumbles into a construction sign and falls down. The comedy in that moment was not lost as everyone in the theater erupted in laughter.

Overall, the movie itself was terrific. I have not been that scared in quite a while and I consider myself a scary movie buff! If you have not already, check out your local movie theater to see it. You won’t regret it!