Supernatural: A world where demons are real

Danielle Stevens, Reporter

“Saving people, hunting things is the family business.” Do you know this quote? If you don’t, it’s from a very popular and my favorite TV show Supernatural.

Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. They hunt supernatural creatures and help save lives at the same time. Supernatural is filled with plot twists and huge cliffhangers, including some hilarious quotes.

My father was talking to me one day about Supernatural during my eighth grade year. He said that I should start watching it. I took his advice and I began to watch it. I fell in love after watching the first episode.

One of my favorite things about Supernatural is how suspenseful each episode gets. It usually starts out with someone dying due to a creature, then Sam and Dean find out about and try to find the creature and kill it. Most of the creatures are from folklore and legends, they even had the legend of Bloody Mary.

Another one of my favorite things is the relationship between the characters. There are three additional characters; Bobby Singer, Castiel and Crowley. Bobby is like a father to Sam and Dean since they really don’t have a father figure around them throughout seasons three to twelve. Castiel is an angel, he and Dean have a pretty tight friendship. It’s always funny to see them bickering over something stupid. Crowley appears in season five, and he is like a friend to them but can be a jerk.

Another highlight of the show is the hilarious quotes. There are some memorable quotes from the show that I catch myself saying randomly and my friends think i’m insane. One of my favorite ones is “driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole,” which is said by Dean after Sam insulted his taste in music.

In my opinion, the best  part about Supernatural is the fact that I can relate to Dean a lot. I am the bigger sibling and we have the same taste in music. Family wise, I am literally like Dean when it comes to my brothers. I would do anything to save them, they are always my top priority.

If you don’t already, watch Supernatural, I urge you to do so. All the seasons are on Netflix and they usually play throughout the day on the CW channel.