Lego Batman: The spin off we need, but the one we don’t deserve

Austin Richards, Opinion Editor

Batman is back after universal praise for his role in The Lego Movie with an installment of his own, The Lego Batman Movie.

A touching story about true hate that can move even the toughest of people, and a bromance that will enchant audiences with every showing. The movie displays a fear of snake clowns and family that Batman struggles with, creating a heartwarming story that will make you mad, sad and happy.  

With impressive voice acting from Will Arnett and Zach Galifianakis, The Lego Batman Movie propels Warner Bros. box office success that much higher. The Lego Batman Movie can appeal to moviegoers of all ages and maintain a feel that gathers comic book fans and comic book haters alike.

The movie keeps consistent humor throughout and provides strong emotional appeal to the audience. Lego Batman is also a character we can all relate to, whether it be pressing the wrong button on the microwave or being a really serious guy.

But with all good comes some bad. The Lego Batman Movie encourages you to watch the older Batman movies to understand some humor incorporated into the movie. During some parts you may find yourself questioning how something was funny to the rest of the audience and not you. For short times the movie may seem boring and the story becomes too hard to follow, but eventually becomes more clear as the movie continues.

Overall The Lego Batman Movie is a solid movie with good humor, a touching story and life lessons that any audience can appeal to, or as batman would say, “Because I’m Batman.”

Rating: 8.5/10