Too early for Christmas?


Georgia Witt

Christmas trees on display and for sale weeks before Thanksgiving.

Georgia Witt, Reporter

The feel of Christmas and the holiday season has come quite early this year. Numerous amounts of Christmas decorations are displayed and the Christmas songs are playing on the radio. What seems to be the deal with bringing in the Christmas spirit before it is even Thanksgiving?

According to popular blogger Candice Derickx, it’s obnoxious to celebrate Christmas so early. Dericks states that a this premature celebration is a  possible cause as to why people aren’t so fond of the Christmas season in general.

It is rude for stores and other places to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving because they are completely ignoring the whole holiday of thanks. Thanksgiving is a holiday where you are with family and a time to be thankful for everything throughout the year.

“I feel like it is okay to decorate whenever you like because Christmas is awesome, and it should be celebrated all year round,” sophomore Zac Stasz said.

For those huge fans of Christmas, the end of Halloween brings them joy because they can start to decorate. Some might decorate their houses and yards as early as October, some in early November, and others at the beginning of December.

“I feel it is alright to decorate for Christmas in November, but it is your ultimate opinion. I have a few decorations up now, not all of them. Christmas is a season I have always loved and I personally think ‘Thanksgiving, Shmanksgiving’, so I’m a pretty big Christmas person,” English teacher Lori Duquette said.

Celebrating Christmas in November is a personal preference for some, but for others, they don’t believe you should celebrating until December. December is the month for Christmas and November is the month for Thanksgiving. Everyone should follow this order.

“I believe that people shouldn’t start decorating for Christmas until the month of December. The reason for this is because Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, and is just as important of a holiday to celebrate as Christmas,” senior Tatiana Stepanek said.

There is some controversy about when the proper time to decorate is. For Stepanek, it is not right to decorate before December because the month of November should only be celebrated for Thanksgiving.

Others believe that the right time to decorate is right after Halloween because that tends to be the time stores begin putting the Christmas decorations out for display. A lot of people tend to get annoyed seeing so much Christmas stuff when Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened.

“I don’t mind people playing Christmas music whenever, because I enjoy it, but people should wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for the joyous holiday because of Thanksgiving,” junior Hannah Sneed said.

Decorating is a common tradition among families, and whether you decorate early or late, the time you spend with your family will be remembered for years to come.

Decorating and celebrating should be done after Thanksgiving is observed because the two holidays matter just as much as one another. People do not give Thanksgiving enough credit and tend to forget it until the day of, but people should always make sure to celebrate the turkey holiday before Christmas.

Whether you begin to celebrate early, or you celebrate at the correct time, Christmas will come eventually and families will be reunited after the long year of being apart. Everyone will be able to celebrate together eventually, and everyone should wait to celebrate until the appropriate time.