Subbing for Security

A substitute security guard helps out at West


Lucy Bernick

Dave Barnham is a sub security guard at Davenport West High School. He has been a great addition to the security staff of West.

Lucy Bernick, Reporter

Keeping a school of over 1,000 kids in check and where they need to be is a big task, especially if that school is new to you. 

Guest security guard Dave Barnham is up for the challenge. He is a security guard from Mid City High School and a retired paramedic. Barnham is already familiar with West since his kids previously attended here. He was hired to stand in for Chris Carr, one of the main security guards at Davenport West High School.

“Since Chris is out having surgery, he’s going to be out for a while so Dave is just here filling in,” said building principal Cory Williams.

Adjusting to a new school as a security guard is a difficult job, especially in today’s world.

“Kids are a different breed these days,” Barnham said.

He is already noticing the pattern of hall wanderers and is prepared to fill the shoes of Carr and keep our halls safe until he returns. 

“He definitely needs to get used to our kids, and it will take him a while to get acclimated,” said Williams.

Barnham is adapting and helping to make West a better and safer place by keeping kids where they need to be.

“I walk around, get my steps in, and make sure kids are in class,” Barnham said.

In a big school like West, where the kids often need to be managed, it is hard to monitor the school without enough staff. So, having a sub plays a big role in helping the security department maintain positive interactions with the students.  

“The more they’re hands on, the less I have to be which helps out to keep from having too many police-student interactions that are negative,” Officer Carter said.

Barnham is already getting used to the environment of West, and has been a positive addition to the security staff. He is helping to ensure that the halls stay safe and monitored while Carr recovers.