Pajama Party at the Putnam

Polar Express pajama party at the Putnam Museum


Kathy Sade

There are many opportunities for festive photos while at the party. This was a great opportunity to capture memories with your family.

Gracie Sade, Reporter

The Quad Cities have many events in the winter but some of its major ones include the Christkindl Market, the Festival of Trees and the Polar Express pajama party at the Putnam. The Polar Express pajama party is for kids, adults and teens. The pajama party has activities such as a scavenger hunt, face painting, a picture booth, and many crafts for you to participate in. 

¨The scavenger hunt is amazing. You get to go around the whole museum to find parts for your snowman and then put it together and make a cool design,” sophomore Ethan Elmore said.

Then when the time comes to end the night you go into the exiervitory room to watch the movie Polar Express in your holiday pajamas with a nice cup of hot cocoa and snack from their concessions bar.

 ¨I go every year with my family. We dress up in festive pjs and do the scavenger hunt, get a picture in the booth with the props and make our own bell from the movie and then get lots of snacks and watch the movie,¨ said Elmore. 

This event usually sells out fast, so purchasing tickets in advance is advised. The event is from December 15th-18th. On Thursday, the activities are from 5-7pm and the movie is at 7pm. 

On Friday and Saturday  the activities are from 2-9pm and the movie plays three times throughout the night. 

On Sunday the activities are from 12-7pm and the movie plays three times this night as well. 

Tickets can range between $30 for a VIP ticket, which provides the movie and activities plus a blanket or pillow and a lantern (can be used for the scavenger hunt) and priority movie seating. Otherwise the tickets are $16 for an adult, $14 for youth, and it provides the movie and activities.