Internet slowness plagues district

Martin Morales, Reporter

Update: Internet is back

Issues with internet slowness across the AEA-covered schools has seemingly been resolved. Internet speeds Thursday and Friday were back to normal.

For the last five days, schools in the Davenport district have been struck by a lack of internet, along with surrounding Iowa districts.

“When you’re writing a research paper, it sucks because it takes ten minutes to load,” sophomore Cameron Tracy.

Teachers have been frustrated due to the loss of internet, but students have been suffering the most from this internet loss

“English teachers are working on research papers and we desperately need the internet daily,” English teacher Katherine Searle said. ”Everyone is upset about it. Updates say nothing.”

APEX teachers, whose classes run solely on the internet, are impacted greatly.

“I’m not a teacher, but I work with students who do APEX online and it’s affecting them because they can’t login to their online classes,” support teacher for APEX Carla Veasey said.  

“It makes for a difficult class,” APEX teacher Rita Schroeder said. ”You have to keep kids preoccupied. It seems like every email I receive is another update on the internet.”

Teachers have been receiving emails updating them on the current situation but the same thing has been said, that the AEA, Area Education Agency, is working on the issue.

“The AEA provides internet service to the school district and the AEA is having issues,” head Librarian Jen Kizer said. “I don’t know when this will be fixed. There is no time frame that I know of.”

This has become a major issue as the entire Mississippi Bend Area has been affected. Schools are at the mercy of the AEA and schools themselves are unable to do anything about the slow internet. All teachers and staff can do is stand by and wait.