Students notice adware virus on Chromebooks


Mackenzi Burns

Students notice adware virus on Chromebooks when using search engines such as Google.

Mackenzi Burns, Reporter

Students and staff have noticed adware on their Chromebooks that directs them to searches they may be interested in. Adware is a term for software that displays or downloads advertising material. This adware affects the students’ work time on their computers during the school day.

To get rid of this virus, students can bring their Chromebooks to head librarian Jennifer Kizer or library secretary Tina Hildebrant.

When brought down to the library Chromebooks will be wiped. Wiping Chromebooks ensures that all viruses are cleared off of the computers. Students do not lose any information on their Chromebooks when they are wiped.

Students began noticing this virus after searching topics on Google. When it pops up in the corner of the screen, a list of different recommended topics are shown such as ads for drones.

“The virus makes it more frustrating to work on my assignments, but not harder,” sophomore Mason Dunn said.

Dunn turned his computer in at the end of the day and received it back the next day wiped. Usually when a computer is turned in with the virus, it can be fixed and returned to its regular state within 10-15 minutes.

If students still notice the virus after the computer being wiped, the library staff will then turn the computer into the LIS Department (Library and Information Studies) and the student will get a replacement.

Aside from viruses, the library staff handles a variety of Chromebook issues such as cracked screens, computers that they no longer turn on, or problems with the hinges.

“On average, we have about five or six students come down on a daily basis,” Kizer said.

The library staff deals with cosmetic damages such as broken and cracked screens by turning them into the LIS department. They then look over the computer to make the decision whether the damage to the Chromebook will be charged to the student.

The library staff are always available to help students with software issues. Visit the library from  7:35 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in room 400 for Chromebook assistance.