Falcon Theatre hosts 10-minute play festival

Hannah Andrews, Reporter

On Thursday, Jan. 18 and Friday, Jan. 19, the Falcon Theater hosted a 10-minute play festival. The plays were written and directed by West students and hosted by juniors Lily Hancock and Robbie Greve.

Falcon Theater members prepared a total of six plays for those who attended.

The six plays performed in order from first to last were: “West Connection” directed by juniors Caitlin Bauer and Grace Shipley, “Booked” directed by seniors Cassee Wulf and Alex Hamilton, “The Worry Train” also directed by Wulf and Hamilton, “Not So Superheroes” directed by Reighard, “The Play” directed by junior Hope Teel and “caSAD” directed by Casad.

“As a host I was pretty nervous because on the first night there was no host,” Greve said. “The audience didn’t really understand what was going on between plays so, Lily and I talked it over with Mr. Anderson, and improved most of the hosting parts.”

Although attendees were expecting plays, the event also included songs and improv performed by students.

Senior Rebecca Casad and junior Satari Phillips showed their talents by singing for the audience during intermissions.

“As a senior, this was my first time able to direct,” Casad said. “That was something I was looking forward to for the past four years.”

Along with the other performers, the West High School Comedy Sportz improv team granted the audience with some good laughs with jokes and puns. This group consisted of Casad, Hancock, Greve and senior Angel Reighard.

The students were able to enjoy themselves on and off stage together while supporting one another at the same time.

“Backstage it’s amazing because we’re all laughing, dancing, and having a good time,” junior Zachary Misner said. “We play music from all different types of musicals and other productions.”