The Angel tree


Hannah Myers

The Angel tree located in the main office of West.

Hannah Myers, Reporter

Every year there are students at West who do not have enough money to be able to receive gifts during the holidays. For about fifteen years, West has created a way to give the students in need a way to receive gifts and this is called the Angel Tree.

Students in need are able to write down their wants and need. They then put labels on the tree with these gift ideas and anyone can take a label, purchase the items listed and bring them to school social worker Jenn O’Hare in the guidance office. The tree is located in the main office.

“For children there are many donations that can help them out but high school kids kind of get forgotten. With the Angel Tree, it is directly helping out high school students who aren’t able to get everything they need. We started this a long time ago and since then it has grown a lot,” O’Hare said.

More than just West donates to the Angel Tree. Ruhl and Ruhl has previously given generous donations.

“In Spanish Club we really like the idea of helping out our own because West High Falcons are the best people there are. When I told my Spanish Club about the Angel Tree, they all really wanted to help out,” foreign language teacher Barbara Lipnick said.

The Angel Tree students can ask for anything they want. Like for example, one student asked for a tooth one year, and a generous dentist donated time and money to give the student a new tooth.

The Angel Tree is one of the many things West does to help out the community.

“I like to adopt from the Angel Tree because I am in a financial position where I am able to help others, and this is a place where I can have an immediate impact,” English teacher Amanda Ray said.