Maddie’s Closet


Jennifer O'Hare

The Maddie’s Closet bus that was parked in the West parking lot on Dec. 14, 2017.

Jennifer O'Hare, West High School Social Worker, Special Reporter to the Beak 'n' Eye

Maddie’s Closet made its inaugural visit to West High School on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017.  Lots of people were asking, “what’s the red bus in the parking lot for?”


Maddie’s Closet was started by a local Rock Island student and her mom in their home. Through community involvement, donations, and volunteers the program now has a school bus which is actually a travelling boutique that visits area schools.  Students can “shop” and take home a few items, an accessory, and some hygiene items.

Today 11 students shopped Maddie’s Closet. Another visit is planned for early in 2018.

Visit Maddie’s Closet online or talk to Ms. O’Hare.

Jennifer O’Hare
Inside of the “Maddie’s Closet bus” that has free clothes available.