Announcement: Meet the Press, Thursday Nov. 16


Emma Day

Newspaper staff met with administrators and the school social worker for a press conference in August to discuss the start of the school year’s pressing issues for the student body.

The newspaper staff would like to invite you to our Meet the Press event Thursday, Nov. 16 during third block. 
  • This will be your chance to get to know your student journalists and what they do to stay on top of the news that is important to West High. Learn what rights student journalists in Iowa have and what ethical guidelines they must follow.
  • Attend a roundtable discussion in true “Meet the Press” fashion as staffers moderate discussions with administrators and staff over the following topics: cap and gown requirements for seniors, backpacks, off-campus lunches, bullying, Falcon Flex, and gender neutral bathrooms.
  • Take a current events quiz and answer some news trivia to earn treats.
  • Enter a drawing for a prize.