The lowdown on Falcon Flex

Brooke Netcott, Reporter

Falcon Flex has been something that the students and staff may have heard about, but nothing has been official. This all changes, Nov. 9 when Falcon Flex officially starts.

Falcon Flex is a class that is in between first and second block Monday through Friday with the exception of early out Wednesdays. The district created Falcon Flex to give students more time to learn class material. The goal of Falcon Flex is to give students extra help and boost test scores.

Students must check their school Google email at least once a week to see what teacher and subject area they are requested to go to that day. Teachers will make the schedules for students on Tuesday. On Wednesday students will receive an email with their schedule. Thursday will be the start of the Falcon Flex week for students.

English teacher and Technology Specialist Lori Blocker thinks that the new Falcon Flex is a good thing.

“The point of Falcon Flex is to ensure the skills students need to learn [are acquired] during the school day,” Blocker said.

While this is West’s and Central’s first year doing this, this will be North’s second year using Flexi Sched. Flexi Sched is the website teachers use  to plan and schedule students for Falcon Flex.

According to “U.S. News & World Report”, only 70 percent of students at West our proficiency in English and 75 percent proficiency in math. West needs more time and understanding of academic subject material to help boost test scores.

Business teacher Colin Gisel believes that Falcon Flex is a positive thing for West.

“Falcon Flex is great for the school and it will help increase Iowa Assessment scores for us,” Gisel said.

Students can also check Falcon Flex schedules at and login using their Google account information.

Math teacher Michelle Pearce is on the Falcon Flex committee that decided how the program would work.

“I think the new Falcon Flex will give students more time to understand and learn the material they need to learn,” Pearce said.

The purpose of the program is to best meet the needs of students wherever they are on the learning spectrum.