A preview of Spirit Week


Hanna Seago

Student Senate promotes Spirit Week themes with posters.

Hanna Seago, Reporter

West High’s Student Senate has released the themes for Homecoming Spirit Week. Spirit Week will take place from Sept. 25-29 to help celebrate and pep up the school in preparation for the football game against Pleasant Valley at Brady Street Stadium on Friday, Sept. 29, and the dance at the River Center on Saturday, Sept. 30. The themes for this year are the following:


Monday, Sept. 25: Sports Fan Day


Tuesday, Sept. 26: Tie-Dye Day


Wednesday, Sept. 27: Flannel Day


Thursday, Sept. 28: Class Colors

Freshmen – Gray

Sophomore – Purple

Junior – Blue

Senior – Pink

Staff – Green


Friday, Sept. 29: Crazy Red and White


Spirit Week generally has similar themes throughout the years.

“Student Senate usually picks from ten different themes for these type of events. We try to think of what students will be able to participate in and what will follow the dress code. Administration has to review the choices before we’re able to officially use them,” Student Senate Vice President and senior Whitney Martinez said.

The week-long event allows for the students to participate more with the school and raises the spirit throughout the building.

“Spirit Week themes really makes people excited about homecoming and everything else that’s going on throughout the week leading up to the dance and game,” Student Senate member and sophomore Anthony Harkey said.

Students are also getting excited about the festivities throughout Spirit Week that lead up to the football game and Homecoming dance.

“I think that Spirit Week is really fun and I’m excited for it. It’s a super fun idea and I always try to do stuff for everyday but sometimes I don’t have something for certain days,” sophomore Amber Sweeney said.