Ecology Club makes plans for the year

Andrew Lord, Reporter

The first Ecology Club meeting of the year took place on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Last year Ecology Club began working on an outdoor classroom in the science courtyard. The club plans to finish the project by adding more seating, building a cover for the smartboard and painting a mural.

“I believe having an outdoor classroom where students can have a different place to study or learn will be beneficial,” junior Lily Hancock said.

Ecology Club is planning a trip to the Boundary Waters to camp for six days. Ecology Club advisor and government and psychology teacher Jodi Zimmerman has taken students to the Boundary Waters in the past, but not in recent years.

“I think going on a trip to the Boundary Waters would be a very cool experience and I definitely want to go,” senior Kevin Nguyen said.

Last year the club designed t-shirts, started the outdoor classroom and did road clean ups on west Kimberly.

“My goal for Ecology Club is for students to have a voice in the community and speak for the flora and fauna,” Zimmerman said.

This year the club plans to meet every other Monday.

“I think that if we meet every other week we can get more people to commit because it’s less of an obligation,” Zimmerman said.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 18th in room 107.