Asian Club holds its first meeting of the school year


Georgia Witt, Reporter

The Asian Club held its first meeting of the school year on Sept. 8 in room 209. The club meets every Friday and is advised by Spanish and French teacher Elizabeth Castelluccio. Castelluccio took on the role as the adviser of the club when she first started at West, after the original adviser retired. The purpose of Asian club is to help out the community, whether that is with donations or collecting cans for the food drive. Their whole purpose is to give back.

“I like it [being the adviser] because there are very nice kids. They’re great, amazing students and they work hard and really like to help,” Castelluccio said.

The members of Asian club call themselves a family because of how close they are. The members that are the closest are those that have been apart of the club during all four years of high school. These students have worked countless hours helping their community and always make sure to treat themselves with parties, and lots of food.

“The average club meeting consists of us just talking, eating food, and partying,”  senior David Cao said.

They usually plan their future events such as the Hunger Drive and selling their famous egg rolls at the meetings.

“My favorite event of the school year is the Hunger Drive because we get to go out and feed the community and help  people that need it the most,”  junior Connor Quinn said.

The Hunger Drive is one of the most important and biggest events that Asian Club does during the year.

Their eggroll sale is another of the major events for Asian Club. This fundraiser helps them raise money to donate to people in the community.

“[Asian Club] is like a community that likes to have fun and enjoy what we do,” senior Chris Tan said.

They look forward to seeing more freshmen join this year to keep the club running for many more years to come.

It’s not too late to join, and for anyone interested, the meetings are every Friday after school in room 209.