First French Club meeting of the year


French teacher Elizabeth Castelluccio advises the French Club

Andrew Lord, Reporter

The first French Club meeting of the year was held Sept. 7 after school in room 209. The club meets every Thursday and is advised by French teacher Elizabeth Castelluccio.

¨A few of the things we have done in the past and could do this year would be to go to a French restaurant, a hockey game and also have crêpe parties,¨ Castelluccio said.

Some of the students in French Club would like to go to France next year, however, no final decisions have been made.

¨Ever since I was young it has been a dream of mine to go to Paris and now I might get the chance,¨ junior Miranda Schwien said.

A goal of French Club for the year is to raise money for various events and projects.

¨We plan on doing lots of fundraisers to raise money for a trip and to get shirts made,¨ junior Michelle Lam said.

This year there is an extra section of French offered. This year the French classes are divided between three teachers.

¨I hope that having three different teachers teaching will spread the word of the French program and increase numbers,¨ Schwien said.

Another goal for this year is to go to middle schools and advocate for the French program.

¨My biggest goal is to have more people join French Club and expand the program. It would be great if we could get some of the middle schools to teach French as a foreign language again, but due to lack of funding I’m not sure if that is possible,¨ Lam said

It is not too late to join French Club. The next meeting is Thursday, Sept. 14.