Booster Club holds test drive fundraiser


Emma Bernick

Student athletes are ready to help participants begin the test drive process.

Emma Bernick, News Editor

The Booster Club held a test-driving fundraiser in the West parking lot on May 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Adults over the age of 18 were encouraged to come and test drive Ford vehicles. Participants would drive the vehicles in a loop around the school.

Ford agreed to donate $20 to the Booster Club in exchange for each drive. The boosters had the opportunity to raise up to $6,000, sophomore Brooke Hildebrant stated.

Players from sports such as cheerleading, baseball, soccer and volleyball were in attendance. Student athletes met with potential participants and encouraged them to partake in a test drive. Students also escorted participants to the vehicle of their choice and explained to them the rules of the test drive.

“There’s about an hour left today and we [the baseball team] are at 76 drives,” sophomore Leo Delapaz said. “Our goal is to get 100 drives by the end of the day.”

Student athletes from each sport were motivated to get as many participants as possible in order to have a chance at winning the grand prize: a charter bus to transport them to one event of their choosing.

“I hope cheer wins so that we can have a charter bus to go to state. Last year we had to get ready on a school bus. It was so hard to apply makeup and do our hair on the school bus!” sophomore Naomi Walker explained.

Baseball ended up winning the prize, which the players are excited about.

“We will probably end up using the bus for the Woodard Granger Tournament, which is in Woodard, Iowa,” junior Gage Coghill said.

Over 200 people took part in the event throughout the course of the day. The Booster Club raised approximately $4,000 to fund various West athletic events.

Emma Bernick
Cheerleaders support their team by helping participants sign up to test drive.
Emma Bernick
Baseball players inform a participant of the rules for test driving.
Emma Bernick
Junior Anna Hazelett helps participants fill out a waiver to earn another drive for the cheerleading team.