Spanish Club heads to Chicago


Barbara Lipnick

Spanish Club takes a break at a fruit stand on their 2016 Chicago trip.

Brooke Netcott, Reporter

The Spanish Club is going on a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on Friday, May 5. They are going to the museum to visit one of the most famous collections of Hispanic art.

Spanish club does this trip yearly, last year they went to the Mexican Fine Arts Museum. Although it is just a one day trip, Spanish club has a lot of fun stuff they are going to do. Besides going to the museum, they will visit Millennium Park and go to downtown Chicago.

“Last year we raised about $300 for falcon families,” junior Pamela Friede said.

Spanish club also does many bonding activities, such as bowling or going out to dinner.

“We went out to eat at Los Primos, went bowling at Black Hawk, and had a game night after school,” Spanish Club adviser Barbara Lipnick said about some of the activities they have done this year.

“I joined Spanish Club because I wanted to make friends and I love Spanish,” junior Reed Duncun said.

Spanish Club meets every Thursday at 7:35 a.m. in room 114. It costs two dollars to join.

“I hope more people will join because it is small and you don’t have to speak spanish to be a part of Spanish Club,” Friede said.