DuTrac financial literacy fair teaches students how to budget


Grace Sander, Reporter

DuTrac is a community credit union that is full of service financial institutions. They offer competitive loan rates, and can provide you with services that help you meet your financial goals. They have a location between the cafeteria and the auditorium that is open during 3rd block.

Recently, DuTrac held a financial literacy fair in the gym. Teachers, counselors, principals, and DuTrac employees worked together to provide students with a sense of financial responsibility.

Students had to choose a career, and the choices that they made had to line up with their salary. Booths were set up around the gym so students could learn how to handle different expenses such as food, clothing, housing, utilities, savings, and tuition. After they had met their obligations, students were sent to volunteers for verification of the check registers and monthly budget.

“I learned a lot through this and it taught me that you can’t just spend all your money, you have to save it,” freshman Gabe Sander said.

Students circulated around the gym going to different places that acted as stores and restaurants. They had to balance budgets and save their money for things they need. They learned how to make purchases without going over budget. Students had to buy houses, cars, clothes and cover extra expenses if they had children or spouses.

“It gave me an idea of what my parents go through and deal with,” freshman Hannah Mullanack said.

Many of the staff helped out at this event and taught teens how to manage their money. They helped teenagers understand some of the monetary sacrifices that adults have to make.

“The event has served as a kick-off to the step-by-step process of financial education and has sparked an interest for students to expand their own exploration of concepts presented at the fair. As a direct result of DuTrac’s Financial Literacy Fair, we’ve seen an interest in expanding opportunities to take courses in personal finance, corporate finance, and banking,” business teacher Colin Gisel said.

Photos by Emma Bernick