America’s new president is… Donald Trump

Andrew Lord, Editor

Citizens of the United States voted and Donald Trump got the magic number of 270 electoral votes granting him the presidency.

Before last night’s election, we had a Democratic president. But now, not only are we going to have a Republican president, but we will have a Republican senate and a Republican house. With a Republican-ruled nation, it will be easier to pass laws generally in the Republican party’s favor.

Almost every poll since the beginning of the election put Hillary Clinton in the lead. So how did Trump win? It was the silent voters and the rural counties that gave Trump the win. Most of the largely populated counties that Clinton campaigned in she won. But it wasn’t enough to beat the unexpected turnout from the rural counties throughout the U.S.

People throughout the United States are craving change. Historically speaking, after a Democrat serves as President, a Republican usually serves next and vice versa.

“People are tired of what the way the U.S. is now so they are willing to go to the extremes to make a change and that means a vote for Trump,” senior Brandon Maas said.

Throughout Trump’s campaign, he made bold promises such as building a wall across the border of Mexico.

“Trump says things that are over the top, but he just wants to get everyone’s attention,” senior Alexis Viager said.

Some students at West are eager to see what Trump can do to better the welfare of the nation.

“I look forward to seeing what Trump can do to better the economy and the illegal immigrant issue,” sophomore Madison Schlotfeldt said.

Right now the country is divided between Democrats and Republicans. One of Trump’s biggest responsibilities this winter is to unify the country.

“As disappointed as people are, I hope that the country can come together in the end and eliminate hate,” English teacher Maggie Rietz said.