Bill Clinton visits Davenport

Alyssa Rodriguez, Reporter

On Oct. 13. former President Bill Clinton visited Davenport North High School. Clinton was there to speak about his wife Hillary Clinton, and convince Iowans to vote for her in 2016 election.

Though, people were not just from Iowa. Attendees came from across the midwest area. Clinton covered what his wife would be doing for the middle class American citizens. He also went over why Donald Trump was the wrong choice for America. While the majority of the audience were Clinton supporters, others came to express their opposing opinions.

Two protesters were escorted out in the beginning of the rally.

One yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” to the news cameras.

The other protester held up a poster with Bill Clinton’s face plastered on it and the word ‘rape’ written below his face. The audience’s faces appeared to show disbelief, but Clinton seemed unfazed.

After protesters were escorted out, Clinton had a clean transition back into discussing Hillary’s campaign. He went on in detail about how qualified Hillary is to be America’s next president. Clinton stated that Obama and himself were not as qualified to be President as she is. He continued with little disruption and closed with a seemingly positive reaction from the audience such as nods and claps of encouragement.

Both Clintons have a few stops left before the election on Nov. 8.