Drama Club presents ‘The Nerd’


Kristin Koski

The cast of The Nerd rehearses a scene where Waldgrave disciplines Thor in Act 1.

Ryan Hayes , News Editor

The Drama Club is performing “The Nerd” by Larry Shue, a comedy chalk full of laughs and shenanigans for their fall play.

The cast consists of five guys and two girls and is directed by Kristin Koski. Seniors Tanner Mecham and Danny Whiskeyman play the lead roles of “Rick” and “Willum” respectively. Rick is the titular “Nerd” character the play centers around and his role is to make Willum’s life a living hell. Willum is the protagonist of the play, and he is a kind, intelligent architect who lacks “gumption” throughout the play.

Senior Ryan Hayes and Junior Sophie Craigo play “Axel” and “Tansy.” Axel is a sarcastic, pretentious man who is best friend and tenant to Wilum and ex-boyfriend to Tansy. Tansy is Wilum’s love interest who is leaving to Washington D.C. for a weather girl job and feels bad about leaving Wilum alone.

Rounding out the cast are senior John Dubberke, senior Michael Trettin, and freshman Madison White, playing the Waldgrave family. Dubberke plays Warnock Waldgrave or “Ticky,” the grisly boss to Willum who is a ticking time bomb of sorts. White plays his wife Cleila, who is a school teacher who bottles up her emotions toward her husband and son. Trettin plays Thor, the son of Clelia and Waldgrave, who is a destructive force of a child.

The play takes place in the early 1980’s in Terre Haute, Indiana, beginning with Willum Cubbert, a middle-aged architect who lacks the gumption to do what he wants. Axel and Tansy decide to throw Willum a party for his 34th birthday. During the party, Willum receives a message from Rick Steadman, a man whom he met in the Vietnam War, saying he is coming to town. Shenanigans ensue when Rick enters the fold, making Willum’s life worse than it already is.

The set has a very rustic early 1980’s feel and it is built to resemble Willum’s apartment with furniture, a bar, a fireplace and a porch. Costumes consist of bell bottom jeans, button up shirts and even a quirky Halloween costume.

“People should come see The Nerd because it is funny and it teaches good morals,” lead actor Tanner Mecham said.

“The unexpected makes this play funny, the playwright does a good job of bringing crazy events into everyday life,” said Koski.

You can partake in the laughs during “The Nerd” at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 6 – 7 at the West High Auditorium. Admission is $5 for students, $8 for senior citizens and military, and $10 for adults. If you came to the second block performance, you can watch the entire show free tonight if you kept your ticket stub.