Seniors will select a new class shirt


Iris Hayslett

The first senior class of 2016 T-shirt design has not been popular with students.

Iris Hayslett, Editor

Seniors will vote on a new Senior Class T-shirt in two weeks because not many students like the current shirt, not even senior class president Tanner Mecham, who came up with the idea without much input.

“I hate those shirts,” he said. But he isn’t the only person who hates them; the dislike may very well be because they are plain red with Seniors 2016 on the front and this quote from Pokemon on the back: “We share the same earth, the same air, and the same sky. maybe if we started looking at what’s the same, rather than what’s different…well who knows?”senior_shirt_back_7721

The senior class officers are responsible for creating the senior shirt after getting the adminstration’s approval. Senior class adviser Stephanie Eckhardt  said,the only thing that the West High administration office wants is for them to be red, so that they can try and bring back school spirit.”

Seniors may submit ideas to Eckhardt next week, and seniors will vote on the top three ideas approved by the administration.

They are looking for clever designs and something that is school-oriented, nothing with vulgarity, or anything that has violence and curse words. “As long as they are approved by the West administration, I have no opinion,” Eckhardt said.

Seniors must purchase the T-shirt for $15 in order to attend the Senior Picnic in May.

So hopefully within the next week or so the new designs and ideas will be out and bring relief and joy to our class officers, and smiles and happiness to the senior class of 2016.