Teachers integrate Chromebooks into the classroom


Deb Hall, West language arts teacher, opens her new Chromebook March 13 at a district technology workshop,

Over 50 teachers spent part of their spring break learning how to use Chromebooks to enhance their teaching.

They spent March 13-14 at the Achievement Service Center learning how to use Google apps such as Docs, Presentations and Forms and how to share them on Google Drive. They also created school web sites using Google Sites as a way to communicate lessons and resources to their students.

“It s nice to give teachers time to be productive and get comfortable with this new technology,” said Nick Smallwood, language arts teacher at Kimberly Center East. “I like learning how to integrate Chromebook into the curriculum.” He said he was looking forward  to teaching his Term 4 students how to use Google Documents to create and submit assignments through Google Drive.

The teachers had their share of homework, too, They were asked to demonstrate proficiency in using all the Google Apps, Drive and Sites.  After they created a web site and two lesson plans involving student use of  Chromebooks, they were given a personal Chromebook for school use.

The district plans to get more Chromebooks into the hands of students, too. Next school year all the language arts teachers at West High will have a classroom set of Chromebooks for students to use. Eventually more classrooms will get Chromebooks over the next several years.