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That’s the Halloween Spirit

Art club hosts halloween costume contest
Kaylee Coffman
Alyssa Diaz ‘27 gets into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as a killer fashionista. On October 26th Art Club hosted a homemade costume contest in room 121 in celebration of Halloween. “A lot of the stuff was mainly just found and I kinda just put stuff together. The mask on the other hand was made basically with white and black paint,” said Alyssa Diaz ‘27.

It’s finally Halloween season, and the Art Club is making sure not to miss out on any fun Halloween activities. Art Club has been an afterschool program for around three to four years. It’s primarily run by Mr. Schaeffer, Mr. Meeker and Mr. Wolf, everyone meets on Thursdays in room 121, but on October 26th the Art Club hosted this year’s homemade costume contest.

“Watching the kids smile as they’re presenting their own work, I think taking stuff that you have at home like fabric or styrofoam and turning it into something is pretty cool. Just watching the kids want to show it off is exciting,” said art teacher Mr. Schaeffer.

While special occasions like these are fun to watch and participate in, Art Club makes sure to keep a variety of different art styles open for kids to get involved with. Things like these are what help keep kids interested in art.

“We do different styles of art like airbrushing and things like that, stuff that they might not do in regular classes. Or maybe they haven’t been in advanced photography so we take them to the darkroom so they can see it, and then that encourages them to take that class,” said art teacher Mr. Wolf.

Although Art Club is mainly for kids to create new artwork or to try out new art techniques, it’s also a great way for students to meet up with their friends. Not only can students use Art Club as a way to talk to their friends, but you can also use it as a way to make new friends.

“I like talking to other people and to my friends,” said Sophomore Mackenna Deater.

Whether kids are learning how to airbrush, socializing with others or participating in fun costume contests, Art Club is a great afterschool program that anyone can join. Especially if you’re really into making art, then Art Club is definitely an afterschool club that so many people would recommend joining.

About the Contributor
Kaylee Coffman, Reporter
Kaylee Coffman is a Sophomore at West High School and it is her first year as a reporter for the Beak ‘N’ Eye. Outside of the newspaper, Kaylee is a member of the Golf team and is also a member of Art Club. Kaylee loves digital art, listening to music, and occasionally reading.